Featured Case Study: LPR Recycling and Waste Management

LPR is a privately owned family business based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Founded on service LPR operate a full recycling and waste management service in the whole Yorkshire area. LPR have over 50 years of experience in the industry making them uniquely qualified to fulfil your needs both efficiently and cost effectively.

How Cougar Signs helped

Cougar Signs were tasked with the job of designing and installing an attention attracting cost effective livery across the whole LPR fleet to advertise the business whilst covering a huge area as far North as Ripon to as south as Mansfield.

Covering such a large area means potentially thousands of LPR vehicle sightings every day throughout the county’s roads, taking  advantage of this exposure is key for any company, the livery must be clear, vibrant and instantly recognisable.

The solution Cougar Signs provided allowed LPR to see a growth in leads and also helped with the development of LPR as a brand making them known throughout the county and within their industry.

“Cougar Signs have played a key role in the success story of LPR”

“The LPR fleet of vehicles and the vibrant livery that is now known throughout Yorkshire and the Recycling Industry in the UK was designed by Andy and the team”

“A large percentage of our leads come from the trucks and vehicles that are seen all over Yorkshire”

“Prices are always very competitive and the value for money is second to none”

Jamie Todd Managing Director, LPR Recycling and Waste Management